How to Activate Two-Step Verification on My Android Device

The new generation of Smartphone or smartphones comprises a wide range of complete devices in every sense of the word. Since they have multiple functions that facilitate various activities. The technological corporations in charge of its manufacture have taken on the task of creating a cell phone that not only has advanced aspects in its design and navigation. If not, it is also a safe and personalized device.

Leaders in cellular technology have put in place a platform that allows the user to sync their device to an email account. And it is in turn responsible for covering the social networks and platforms that the individual accesses frequently.

How to activate two-step verification on my Android device?

The so-called “Account” that each user has on their mobile device is no more than an email account created and managed by the same user. The same, being registered on the phone will give access to endless services of interest.

It is likely that when registering on a web page or some digital service you will be asked for an email account, this in order to keep in touch with you through a virtual and secure means. In addition, an account is required to access social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

As you can see in practically all access to the internet and to various platforms, at least an email account is required, in order to guarantee that all the information contained in these is only accessible by the user.

What is two-step verification and how is it activated?

Two-factor authentication, also called two-step verification, is just an option that allows you to further strengthen the security of your personal account.

Although access to the virtual platform of your personal Gmail by unauthorized people is almost impossible. You have to accept that there are some users or programs that can use strategies to access your personal information.

This is why the Google company has arranged the synchronization of not only your personal email account with the device; It has also added other means of notification to ensure that it is indeed you who wants to access your email or account.

How to activate two-step verification?

Google knows that each smartphone works with a mobile phone number that can vary according to the region where the device is located. Then it is quite easy to send notifications directly to your mobile, either by voice call or text message.

To activate two-step verification continue the following process:

  • Slide in the settings menu of your mobile device and enter the “Google” section.
  • Then select “Google Services” or “Google Account”.
  • Once you enter, click on the option “Manage your account” or “Manage your Google account”.
  • Slide in the list of options and tap on “Security”.
  • Select “Google Login” and then click “Two-Step Verification”.
  • Now click on “Start” and follow the steps indicated.

Google gives you various options to select what you want the “Second step” to be. You can select to accept the system to send you a notification via text message or voice call. You can even choose the «Security key» to verify that it is you who is trying to access the account.

The security key is a device that is entered into the mobile to verify that it is indeed you who is accessing the accounts. The system indicates the right moment to do it. This tool is actually the safest, although it must be purchased.


Undoubtedly, Android devices are evolving more and more, incorporating new options and functions that make these smart phones one of the best on the market. Therefore, each time its use increases, since fortunately it provides a safe and reliable system.