The Best Websites to Download Torrents That Continue to Operate in 2022

The best websites to download torrents in 2022 are the usual suspects. The problem around them, however, is that their domains have often been affected by closings, and accessing them the traditional way has become a difficult task. We tell you why choose these websites to download torrents in 2022 and, above all, how to access them from domains that have not been blocked simply and practically always possible thanks to the “mirror” websites that keep popping up.

Although there are websites to download very specialized torrents, according to our experience and the figures that TorrentFreak offers, these are some of the best and most visited websites of the moment.

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The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, the site for searching and downloading torrents par excellence, has fallen from the hegemonic place where it continued to be in 2018, 15 years after its appearance. The reason is that the main domain,, is blocked and inaccessible in many countries, including Spain.

The easy way to continue accessing your website is through one of the websites that collects in its list of proxies to bypass the block. It is updated every hour with the status of the different options, and allows you to access the same results as always from Another alternative to find ways to enter is through the options offered by Unblock Torrent.

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YTS, the YIFY website, closed four years ago, in 2015. It was another one of those big blows for millions of users who every month came to the domain to download movies that took up very little space. But as in the case of Extratorrent, there is currently a successor, and it is none other than

Mastery is the antithesis of RARBG, in the sense that here it does not prioritize image and sound quality over the rest, but on the contrary. It doesn’t matter if what you download here has 720p or 1080p resolution, movies will always have poorer image quality due to their low bitrate. Of course, they are ideal for playing on smartphones and tablets.


Among the list of websites to download torrents with the most traffic published by TorrentFreak, 1337X has become one of the most prominent among those that offers downloads of all kinds. Its main domain is and the backup domain domain lock is

In them you can find files of all kinds, both from third parties and users of their community who upload their own content. In addition to separation by torrent download categories, such as movies, series, games or music among others, and rankings of the most searched, it has a complete search engine that allows you to download torrent files or directly with magnet links.


Downloading torrents is still somewhat better in RARBG than in the rest, because their own movie uploads are one of the best quality they offer, always being a benchmark when it comes to providing a viewing experience, in all formats and resolutions it offers in its videos, from 720p to 4K, where it is a true benchmark.

As a search engine, the domain offers more than content such as documentaries, concerts, series or movies, also listing computer games. Have you ever had issues with fake torrents, but where there aren’t. is a great indexer for downloading torrents, since today it offers more than 61 million files from 228 million pages collected from 78 domains. It presents an interface as clean as a single search field without additions, so that finding what we want, whatever the type of content, is very direct in the public trackers it handles. As always, it will offer the results ordered by number of seeders, but it is possible to set other parameters. In our experience, it is one of the best foreign options to find content in our language.

We are talking about the successor of a mythical one for lovers of the series, because this is where the chapters to download after their broadcast in the United States were found for years and years. However, in 2015 it had to close due to a legal matter.

Currently, is an ideal website to download series with the same speed as before, although their owners are not the same and they have disagreements with other greats of series distribution, ETTV, who accuse them of stealing.

Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents, through its domain is another of the most recommended websites to download torrents in 2020, and they guarantee ten years behind their back. Unlike for example RARGB, which has somewhat deserted categories, in Limetorrents it is easy to find very recent quality content no matter what you are looking for, with more than 10 million files in its catalog.


In 2017, one of the great moments in terms of torrent downloads was the fall of ExtraTorrent, which for many was the perfect website to find everything they were looking for. At that time, the Internet was filled with malicious clones, but one domain became its successor and faithful replacement, and is none other than As in its old days, insurance to find good content and download movie torrents, adult movies, series, music, games, anime, books, software, etc.


As we have seen, in the world of torrent downloads it is common to see closings and web blocks. ETTV was born in Extratorrent, but after closing it opened its own website, which can be found right now on the domain. It offers the series with great speed, both those of the traditional cable and those obtained by capturing the streaming signal. In ETTV you can not only find series, but we include it in this section because the rest of download types are not his specialty.


Zooqle has been, from its domain for some time, one of the most recommended websites for torrent downloads in series and movies, because of how it labels all content according to its resolution. It also catalogs the series according to seasons and chapters, so you can choose a certain episode and, once inside, see all the uploaded versions. If what you want is to get to the point, this is one of the best.


If what you are interested in is audiovisual content in Spanish, EliteTorrent is your website. After several domain changes, the current one is They have gone through several, so it would not be surprising that in a while it would change again. If the contents are not yet available in Spanish, you can download the original version.

Final Words:

So that’s all friends, those are really working best ever Torrent websites to download torrent file in 2022. From the internet you can get many Torrent sites but some of them are not working well or banned. If you face any problem please inform us through comment box.