Best Disney Movies of All Time to Watch With Your Family

The arrival of Disney + in Spain has meant the landing of another player in the battle for the supremacy of streaming. This new platform has both lights and shadows and seems to be aimed at a very specific type of audience, but soon after one delves into its catalog, one will surely find several titles that bring back great memories and others to discover.

After reviewing the most outstanding series available, today it is time for Espinof to make a selection of the best films available at Disney +. For this we have also opted for variety, structuring the list in four sections and choosing the best in each of them. Without further ado, I leave you with the 10 chosen.

Disney classics

The titles on which both the studio and animated cinema were founded.

‘Basil, the superdetective mouse’

Probably the choice that surprises you the most since for many this rereading with mice by Sherlock Holmes is an already forgotten title – or at most they remember the undeniable visual vigor of the final stretch – when it should not be the case. In the end it is still a case in which the rivalry between the protagonist and Ratigan, one of the best villains in the Disney catalog, stands out. Without unnecessary breaks and with a couple of anthological songs, it is an ideal option if you are looking for something different within the company’s animated production.

‘The Lion King’

A milestone that marked an entire generation of spectators. A film that is difficult to put some but. A memorable villain, a hero with whom it is possible to empathize and who is not afraid to show his weaknesses, some fun and charismatic cronies, not to mention that the fact that triggers his departure is surely the scene with the most emotional resonance that we have given a Disney Classic.

‘Beauty and the Beast’

In my opinion, the definitive fairy tale of the company that made history as the first animated film to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. Finally, she did not take it, but what will always last is the gap she left in our hearts from the extraordinary start, presenting the protagonist through one of the excellent songs that populate the story.

‘Lilo and Stitch’

Disney released two very different titles almost consecutively within the usual in the company as ‘The Emperor and his follies’ and the one that concerns us here. However, in ‘Lilo and Stitch’ he was able to better integrate that exotic factor that the character of Stitch brings to offer an approximation to the importance of the family that knows how to touch your heart whenever things as crazy as fun are not happening.


An in-depth review of the concept of Disney princess to the point that the fact of being it to become somewhat anecdotal. Supported by the great songs of the creator of ‘Hamilton’, in ‘Vaiana’ you will find an unforgettable adventure supported by its two charismatic protagonists and which perfectly combines fun, emotion and ecological message.


Disney’s first major acquisition in this 21st century was that of the other animation studio that could really shade it.


A joy that knows how to use a Mexican holiday to create its own universe and offer a delicious exploration of the family and what we remember about it. It starts as a nice and fun movie so as not to stop growing fluidly and which feels natural, also having a strong visual identity and knowing how to hit the target whenever it is proposed.


A fascinating exploration of an essential stage in life through the feelings of a girl, very well differentiated both for what each one represents and for what the story gets from them. It also manages to mix fun with emotion very well instead of concentrating all the second section at the end and I have no problem repeating that it is the best Pixar film to date.

‘The Incredibles’

A movie that at the same time was a great superhero movie and a parody of a subgenre that was still starting to take off back then. The passage of time has only served to make its validity even clearer and that the adventure it poses continues to function as a shot.

Toy Story

It has been hard to choose just one of the top three of what could have been the best trilogy of all time if a fourth installment had not been made. For that of which it will always be better to see things in order I have chosen the first one because in addition to continuing to be an unforgettable adventure with a wonderful gallery of characters, it also has the special force of the first time, both for the saga itself and for Pixar .


An entertaining adventure film, with moments of sea of fun and that develops very well the relationship between its two protagonists, not to mention the endearing Dug. On him weighs the burden that his first minutes awaken such unanimity that it seems that what comes next is not worth it when without it it would already deserve its place here.

Star Wars and Marvel

The two large franchises acquired by Disney in recent years and which have been the basis for it to become the dominant company in cinema worldwide.

‘Who cheated on roger rabbit?’

An impossible miracle today, since Roger Zemeckis was able to use characters from different franchises to build this hybrid between real action and animation to build unstoppable entertainment that is also not afraid of being a bit dark when the occasion requires it. Of course, comedy and adventure prevail, managing to establish an unrepeatable dynamic between Bob Hoskins and the crazy boyfriend of Jessica Rabbit.

Final Word

So friends those are the best Disney movies we ever seen. Don’t west time go and watch enjoy your boring life. If you know any other movies like this please inform through comment box.